Elementary School Poster Contest

The annual Americanism Poster Contest is a fun and educational program for Fifth Grade students. It was created to stimulate interest in American History in support of the classroom curriculum. A new poster topic is set every year.

The 2019 Topic is
“Paul Revere and Sybil Ludington – Messengers for Liberty” 

Patriot messengers or couriers who rose by horseback played an important role in the founding of our country. Students may choose to make a poster about Paul Revere or Sybil Ludington, they do not have to make a poster about both subjects.

Paul Revere’s famous ride through the countryside outside Boston is one of the most celebrated events in American History. Revere served as a courier for Sam Adams, Joseph Warren and the Boston Committee of Correspondence, often traveling as far as Philadelphia, carrying reports on the dire situation in Boston.

Sybil Ludington is known as the female Paul Revere because of her 40 mile ride through Putnam and Dutchess Counties in New York to warn the militia that British troops were burning Danbury, Connecticut. She was just 16 years old at the time.

The Gold Country SAR is pleased to provide local teachers with speakers who are knowledgeable on the yearly poster topic. Most of our speakers appear in Revolutionary War costume or uniform. Posters are judged and prizes are awarded at the School, Chapter, State and National levels. A representative of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) is invited to participate in the national poster judging.

For information and rules contact:

Dave Gilliard